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Real time asset information, digitally stored instantly in an easy to use app

Place ZuTapp onto every asset and simplify servicing and tracking. 

Enhance staff safety and security remotely with ZuTapp at every workplace to allow staff to check in and out of the work location with a simple touch of their phone.

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Retrieve asset service history directly from a mobile or ZuTapp portal with the touch of a phone.

ZuTapp - leading the way in asset management solutions.

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Recording asset service history has never been easier

Touch ZuTapp for real time service information 

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Automatically track every asset every day, all in real time.

Track asset service time and attach service photos.


Easy access to records from the central portal, or your mobile phone

Remove paperwork with quick access to records saved instantly to the cloud.


Simple, Effective, Low Cost Mobile App Solution

It all sounds great, but what does ZuTapp actually do?

Place a ZuTapp anywhere or to anything and create a log with every visit.

When maintenance occurs, or a time sheet is required, a simple ZuTapp is all you need to know the when and where a location was attended.

ZuTapp Application

Simplicity and NFC technology is what makes ZuTapp stand out. 

No costly hardware or software is required, just a mobile phone and a ZuTapp.

ZuTapp eliminates the need for paper record keeping, which requires document storage or manual data entry.

ZuTapp allows easy access to data, saving time and money.

Is ZuTapp expensive?

ZuTapp is extremely cost effective. 

At between $2 and $10 per ZuTapp per year, ZuTapp is only limited by your imagination with a wide variety of applications in multiple industries.

ZuTapp is ideal for staff timesheets or registering tool or safety equipment service. ZuTapp records a time stamp for work, e.g cleaning of hotel rooms, bus stops or location visits.

All securely stored on the cloud, and easily accessible when you require it.

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